Do you want to be a SUNNY student?

Barcelona is SUN, BEACH and FUN! But also Spanish, one of the most spoken language in the world and, for some people, the language of love (because sounds very romantic…they say) now that you became a student at the school and you are experiencing the language, the culture, the party and the friendly atmosphere of a city that never sleep.

Now that you are in BCNSunlight Langue School next to the heart of the city making friends, enjoying party, learning a new language and living the Barcelona live, maybe you also want to be a part of the soul of the school and help creating a community that love what they do and became a Sunny Student.

What does it means being a SUNNY STUDENT?

To be a SUNNY STUDENT means that you want to take the most of your stay in Barcelona leaving a seed and helping the school to growth and became more. Means that you value the love and the effort we put to offer the students the best of us, the best teachers and the best of this beautiful city, Barcelona.

So we want to start a friendship that will go more than a student and will be great for both of us. How?

  • By Instagram: spreading the information and pictures and promotions we do to the benefit of all your friends.
  • By Facebook: giving likes to our pictures and propositions and posting in your wall so we can share with all your friends our passion for the Spanish language, and sharing your opinion to all our friends.
  • By google: giving a review of the school and letting the world know your opinion about your stay at school
  • Promoting the school: let your friends know about us and encourage them to be a part of our community.
  • Posting in our social network platforms: we want to see you at the school’s social network so the friendship will be complete.
  • Proposing new activities, courses, etc., How we can become your dreaming school? We work for you so we want to know your opinion. Come to the reception and share with us how we can improve our service.

How can you help us? You are a painter, artist, marketer… we consider BCNSunlight like a platform opened to a new ideas and proposals. We can exchange experiences, knowledge and we can help you to develop your carrier here as much as we can.

What do we offer you?

For those who want to join the sunny community we have a reward program because we value your effort, passion and love for our school and all that represents and materialize as free classes, activities, prizes, joy, all long duration friendship and, of course, money.

  • Extra classes: you won’t have to pay for the classes so you will extend your classes without any cost to your pocket. Where is the next mojito party?
  • Conversation classes: we will invite you to our famous conversation classes so as many students you bring as much you will speak! Hablamos!
  • 10% off for your next course: bring us a student and we will give you 10 % off, If you bring us 3 students you will have a good discount on your course 50%!! How much for a weekend in Madrid? I’ll go!!
  • 20% commission: If you are so kind and bring us 3 students, we will give you 20% of commission of the courses they register, so you will enjoy the happiest stay in Barcelona. Lamborghini or Ferrari?
  • Dinners, travels and fun: we will invite you to the most important concerts, restaurants and invite you to travel and discover Catalonia.

What are you waiting for? 😀