About our school

BCNSunlight Spanish Language
School in Barcelona

Who are we?

BCNSunlight is a private school.

Ricardo, the director of the school, personally selects all the teachers and gives the a special methodology that he created based on his experience. Our school is focused on effective teaching of Spanish language in a friendly atmosphere and small groups.

We organize international groups and we use communicative approach to help students start speaking faster. Our administrators will help you with any issues you might have so that you could relax and enjoy your time in Barcelona.


Why to choose us?

Efficient method

Ricardo created BCNSunlight to improve and change the way Spanish is taught. His methodology is based on the experience of being a teacher. All its elements have proved to be effective among thousands of students.

International atmosphere

We have students from all over the world and we make the groups most internationally diversed possible. This helps you practice Spanish from day one and progress faster. Also, it gives you a unique experience of cultural exchange.

Price-quality ratio

We provide high quality education, but we also try to keep low prices to make it affordable to everyone. You can try one class for free to check if theu suit your needs.

Help with any issue

We know that moving to another country has a lot of difficulties. You can ask our adminitrators and they will help you find the decision. We are not only your school, we are your family in Barcelona.

What is our teaching method?

We are focused on your studies and your learning experience. The best way to learn and remember is a friendly approach. We are creating an unforgettable experience for you. In В BCNSunlight you will find:

Friendly atmosphere

Experienced teachers

Convenient location in the city center

Small international groups

Language practice from day one, because communication with other people is the best way to learn

Events, visits to Sagrada familia, Casa Batlló, bars, tapas, restaurants, museums. Our program will show you everything interesting in Barcelona.

Ricardo Gonzalez

Director of BCNSunlight Language School in Barcelona
Teacher of Spanish since 2003

‣ author of 2 manuals about teaching Spanish
‣ author of the book “Español con ritmo”
‣ presenter of training courses for Spanish teachers
‣ DELE examiner
‣ author of 2 popular Youtube channels about learning Spanish: Bcnsunlight and Learning Spanish with Ricardo

“I have developed a method that helps me teach any student successfully, even if you think that Spanish is hard.”

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