About us

The school is well connected with the subway, the bus and the train.

BCNSunlight is located 5 minutes from Plaza Cataluña, that is, from the heart of the city. Perfectly connected, because it has 2 metro lines (yellow L4 and red L1) as well as several buses that pass through Urquinaona square, 5 minutes from the school, and Plaza Cataluña and go to all points of the city.

The school is located in a quiet street that has bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, supermarkets, etc.

It is on the first floor in a building with an elevator and a doorman who takes care of it.

Description of the center

The school is about 90 square meters and has 7 rooms of which are:

1- Reception: It is the administration of a common area where you will be informed about everything related to the school, prices, activities, and videos or books to take them home for studying and where the people in charge of the center make small meetings to assess the development of the school.

2- Teachers´ room: It is a lovely place where teachers rest, prepare for classes, make photocopies and exchange opinions. If you need them, you can find them here! It is a common area where we also have small individual meetings to coordinate the learning process.

3- Student room: It is a common area where you can listen to music, watch movies or series in Spanish, has a wide variety of books, a sofa and a cafeteria service with bottled water, coffee or tea and totally free cookies, so they can accompany you!

4- Classrooms: The center has 4 classrooms. Three of them have capacity for 10 students and one is for max 7 students. The center has a 32-inch and a 28-inch TV, and 3 cassettes, as well as 3 tablets available for the teacher to use in classes.

5- Bathrooms: The school has two bathrooms, one for boys and one for girls, with a pica and a bidet, a bin, a mirror and a towel to dry your hands.It is